Monday, July 18, 2011

chloe's 7 rules for succeeding at life

  1. be good at something.  whether that means being good at folding laundry or football, at least have something that you can take pride in and impress people with.
  2. don't dye your hair green. just don't.
  3. don't spend your life kissing up to people.  i know people that spend all their time trying to impress others, and just end up looking like fools.  people will pity you.
  4. be on people's good sides.  try to be nice to everyone, so they know they can depend on you, and even good things can be said about you.  not being very opinionated but open minded can help.
  5. don't let mean people get in your head, and if they do, don't let them know. that means not throwing back catty words or gettind really upset with them.  that only fuels the flame.
  6. watch at least one jim carrey or johnny depp movie. ex. ace ventura:  pet detective, the mask, edward scissorhands, or any of the pirates of the carribean movies.  oh yeah, while you'rs at it, watch inception, even though jim carrey nor johnny depp are in it.  it's still a good movie.
  7. use these rules!

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